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Nov. 14th, 2008

Revising is tedious. I haven't slept the whole night. The exam is tomorrow. I shouldn't be here. Brain shutting down. Period + cramps = PAIN. Blerrrrrrg. I'm screwed tomorrow. Me out.




I'm actuallly updating this journal on a semi-regular basis. WOW. *sarcasm* Which in its self is quite an acomplishment, as I don't usually write much at all, seeing how my life is pretty eventless.
Rest of post and ARRRRRRRRRRRRRTCollapse )

[PIC]This journal needs more posts lol

I really don't update this thing often do I? I'm not even past the first page. I blame all these assignments and my lack of motivation. XD Well I'm posting some art I've done, to make this place seem less empty.

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I'm gonna kill everyone on this planet including myself soon. With a crowbar.

Edit: I'm feeling a lot better now! Thanks for the comments though guys!  <3 *hugs*


Oh shit I haz Journal?!

Wow. It's been well, almost a year since I touched this thing. For the 2 people out there who actually used to read this journal, I appoligise for not writting at all. Mainly life, psycological issues, school and general laziness got in the way I guess.

For those who are wondering (again, like a total of 2 people max) who were wondering, yes I'm stil drawing. In fact I haven't stopped at all. It's just that again I just never bothered to scan the crap in.  ^^;

So I'm going to try to post a few times a week with my sketches on this thing, and maybe some of my stuff in life. Maybe. Hmm.

Anyway the first batch of sketches are under the cut.

Pics here!Collapse ) . There's just something so satisfying about tight asses in tight spandex. Mmmmm..... XD I'll post more later his week.</div>


Hey guys! Thanks for all the comments from the previous post! Sorry I couldn't reply back then, because I was really busy with school and stuff. But now that's over, I'm back on the internets! Huzzzah!!!!

So right now I feel like doing some art, so I've decided that I will draw something for the first 10 people who comment on this post. So just say what you want drawn, and I'll do a quick drawing of it and post it up! Have fun my lovelies! :D

First REAL Post EVAR...

And it's an art dump. I've had this journal for god knows how long (about two years, when FMA was still airing in Japan, and Bleach a still reletively unknown manga...), but the only thing I've been doing with this is joining communities and more recently friending other people, but now I've decided to use this baby to post some of my stuff...call this a 'doodle log' if you wnat...

Wow... on with the business!Look at all these doodles!Collapse )

First post

Yay.... from now on I exsist.:P