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Woah woah where did all that time go?!

Holi crap I haven't updated this thing for like 5 months?! Once again I appologise to the 5 people who kinda watch me for being not active. The good news is I'm not dead. Yeah. Kinda. This break means that I can do things like update this thing.

So lemme list what's happned to me since the last post:

- Went to Brisbane to visit silver_dahlia . I love you dear and I wish I could have hung out with you longer. You are awesome. *hugs* I wish you were in my Uni.

- Went back to Hong Kong for summer holiday where it was winter. Yup opposite seasons still wierd me out. XD

- Hugged, walked, played, trained, poop-scooped my puppy. Momo you fuzzle wump I wub you. You're so big now! I may post pictures at a future date, to share her cuteness with the rest of the internet.

- Friends! I hung out with them like lots and lots and lots. You guys are awesome I miss you all. *multiple hugs, especially amasawa* I envy you guys for the fact that you get to go back for Easter/Summer.

- Fooooood. Oh so yummy. Didn't know what I was missing until I came over here to Perth. Sushi, dim sum, hotpot... ONOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM. Pics may come later as well.

- Christmas with family. We went to Shenzhen for shopping and that was a lot of fun. I love you all God bless you all. Hope you have fun in UK this easter! :D

- Chinese New year. The advantage of studying in Australia is that you don't miss it. Red packets!!! Full of Moolah!!! MINEMINEMINEMINEMINE!!! MUAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAA!!! XD

- Back to Perth and moved to a new flat in the student village. They may look nice on the outside, but they're really actually made of paper. Seriously the sound insulation is crap, and if you punch the wall too hard you could make HOLES. Plus if you look closely, they look like they were buit from Ikea sets. No wonder they went up so quickly. And the new pool is a freaking pond. A tiny freaking pond. I was so dissapointed. The pros though are that the rooms are bigger and the furniture is nice and new. Now I have a comfy shriveling chair. YAAAAYZZZ. Plush the flatmates are nice. :D

- Am now officialy in First Year Vet. I'm not so n00bish pre-vet kid anymore. 5 more years to go. XD

-Mourned the death of scans_daily. Celebrated it's rebirth on insanejournal. The slashy goodness will go on! XD

- Watched Phantom of the Opera with aizawa_mika . Shit, it was the most fucking epic thing I've watched EVAR. The awesome effects, the awesome singing and the awesome costumes blew me over. Plus the guy who played Raoul is SO FREAKING HOT. And the Phantom is an emo woobie. An homocidal crazy emo woobie, but an emo woobie no less. *hugs the guy and is killed by the Punjab lasso* Pics are at aizawa_mika 's journal if you wanna have a look. Where you will see my FACE. Which will be the only place which you will see my face on the internet, unless you've friended me on Facebook. Which means you already know how I look like anyway. For now. Plus we had jap food. That was yummy~

- Went to sansele's 21st birthday party. THE CAKE WAS NO LIE. IT HAD TRUE SWEET SUGARY GOODNESS. You're a big girl now! I wish you all the best in life! :D

- Goats are really really cute. We got to handle them during one of the pracs and this brown and white one kept nuzzling me. D'awwwwwwwwww. Sheep on the other hand are kinda neurotc and well, greasy. Sorry only_secret . I like goats better.

-Caught up with Kekkaishi. It's actually really good. Shonen-ey action goodness with lots and lots of character development. Fans of FMA will like this. Speaking of manga, I'm starting to read Trigun. Late I know, but then I get to read it from the begining to the end. :P Plus Vinland Saga: OH SHIT ASKELADD WTF HAVE YOU DONE.

- Fuck load of mid semester quizzes and exams. Anatomy! Physiolgy! Biochemistry!! Urrrrrrg my brain has become MUSH. Everytime I close my eyes I see freaking dog muscles. Plus there's still the prac exams after the break. >_< My god why is this course of bloody intensive!? We're not MACHINES you know.

- Watched the first episode of the new FMA anime. OH SHIT IT IS AWESOME. I was fangasming every 2 seconds. The opening was so pretty, and HOHOPAPA was in it. Al was badass and Ed was awesome in his whole shrimpy glory. *stabbed to death by spear* Roy sounded like Lockon from Gundam00 most of the time though. :S The latest manga chapter IS SO EPIC. Hints of Royai make me happy. DO NOT PISS THE COLONEL OFF HE WILL FUCKING BURN YOUR ASS. REPEATEDLY. Palm-tree boy never stood a chance. ARRRRG WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR ANOTHER MONTH ARAKAWA WHY ARE YOU SO EVIL. Knowing this will be animated (probably) makes me happy all over. :D

So that's basically what's happned in the past 5 months, and so to make this post more interesting than just a wall of text here's some slash between TYL!Dino and TYL!Hibari:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yeah, Hibari's back from a mission and Dino's er, trying to kiss his injuries better,or something. IDK. O_o I tried using a different technique this time, which is why the outlines are kinda vague. Trying for a paintery look. My god why is TYL!Dino's hair so WTF-esque? It's like a swirling mass of WHUT. I can't draw it properly. Maybe to match his freaking Ponyta lol. Here's the DA link.

I'm gonna try update this thing like once a week, so that I can practice updating something regularly. If you know me in real life please prod/poke/hit/kick me to remind me. Those on my FL can message me if you so feel obliged. Thanks guys! Over and out! :D
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