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It seems like I keep forgetting...

... that the internet is supposed to be a two way thing. Sometimes you passively leech off other people's stuff for your own entertainment, but sometimes you need to contribute too. Seems like I keep doing the former but not the latter, probably because I'm a lazy ass. So updates:

real life updates and fandom rantingCollapse )

Anyway, I was looking through my hard drive instead of studying for the mid sem exam, and I've discovered that I had a lot of pictures I hadn't posted yet, so I've decided that rather than doing them in separate posts, because I'll end up doing one chunk and forget to upload the rest, I'm just going to throw the whole lot here. So I apologise in advance for killing your bandwidth here. The quality is all over the place because some of it is very old. Like last year old. 

NSFW, some doodles contain nudityCollapse )

Haaaaaa where'd all the time go???

So, it's June. No, the camp didn't last that long. I just kinda couldn't bother posting actually.That and the assignments and exams started and didn't end till last Friday. Asdfghjhgfdsafsghjkj it was horrible we had three exams in a row in three days. I think I had 9 hours of sleep in total, and to give you an idea of how wiped out I was by the end of it I basically blanked out for 15 minutes during the last one (OH GOD PATHOLOGY HOW I HATE THEEEEEE) staring at a flock of galahs outside the window going "Hehehe birdies."

Thank Jesus that it's pretty much over.

Anyway, I the main reason why I'm posting is because I've joined nanomango   again, and I've kinda realised that the pages I'm working working on don't make sense unless you've read the pages I've drawn between the last mango attempt and now, which I never bothered posting. Ooooops.

So I'm going to dump all 70 pages here including the ones I did last mango in this post.

Warning: may contain some violence, and WILL DEFINATELY kill your dial upCollapse )


For once I'm actually doing what I said and am uploading the eext batch of doodles! Hell must have frozen over. XD

Some Reborn, Sailormoon AU and FMA. All G rated:Collapse )

Okay that'll be all I'm posting for awhile because I'll be at a camp for the next few days, so I won't have internet. I'll see you guys in a few days time!

Missing Persons 1 & 2

Happy Jesus-Comes-Back-As-A-Zombie-Day Easter!

Hmmm... Seems like I've evaporated off the face of the internet. This seems to be a rather common occurrence, I must have that checked.

If you're one of the people who are wondering who the crap I am and why I've randomly friended you, all I can say is that I like seeing pretty stuff on my f-list, and well you draw pretty stuff, so I'm stalking you. Sorry about that. ^^;

Anyway, here's a somewhat brief rundown of what happened between the last post and this:

Actually I lied, it's not really that brief at allCollapse )

So between then and now, I have in fact been drawing quite a fair bit, but mainly sketches, so I'll post them in several batches, as so not to kill your bandwidth or f-lists.

Art starts here. Some may be NSFW.Collapse )

Posting agaaaaaaaaaiiiinnnn

Hey look! NO 4 month gap between this post and the last one! *le shock* I don't expect I'll be able to keep that up though...

I've been attacked by multiples of FMA bunnies ever since the last post, so most of what I've been drawing for the last week or so has been ROYROYROYROYROYROYROYROYROYROYROYROYROY or EDEDEDEDEDEDEDEDEDEDEDEDED. Yeah, it's that bad. Might also be something to do with that upcoming physiology test, which I'm trying to forget about. My god, penises have never been so freaking boring before. I thought I'd never say that, but once you have to study them, but it's true. Except that rabbits can retract their balls. Now that's kinda funny. XD

Anyway, I've managed to actually finish another pic so here be the goods:

Hey look it's G-rated!Collapse )


Not dead, just floating...

...in the void.

So yeah I fell off the face of the internet again. Did mean to post more regularly, but well, life.

So update from the previous post: I passed the sup exams, so I get to keep my spot in the course. I have God and my dad's intense tutoring to thank. My respect of the old man has definitely gone waaaaaaaaaay up. Anyone who can make sense of neuroanatomy is superhuman. Gotta study more during the semester so that I don't fail gain. ><

Went to UK to watch my sis graduate during the break. UK's pretty awesome, except for the rain. Surprisingly good seafood too, Met couple of the gang there and it was just like the good old days, dirty talk and all. XD

Sucks that the break's so short, I missed several of my friends who went back to HK in August, boooooooooooooooooooooo. I miss you guys~~ T____T

So now I'm back in school, just as crazy as ever. Test next week! They're tying to kill us I swear, that is if we don't get killed by angry cows down at the farm first.They've got homicidal rages, and will try to kill you given the opportunity. And I'll be sticking my hand up their asses in the future. Excellent. -_____-;

Oh yeah ep 19 was awesome. Sad they cut out the Ling vs Envy, but the GARness of Roy totally made up for it. If I wasn't in his fanclub already, I am now. He is so EPIC. So I drew him looking awesome:

EPIC!ROY here (spoilers for ep 19 and corresponding chapters) plus some Green Lantern related CRACKCollapse )

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit T_T

I don't intend to make this my emo journal, so hopefully this isn't going to be a habit.

I failed my anatomy practical exam. I knew I was going badly in this unit, but you know seeing that you've fucking FAILED is depressing. Blerg. Now I'm pretty sure I've screwed up my physiology exam as well. Godamnit Mel, why can't you do better? I'm so dissapointed in myself. T_T

And just so it isn't going to be too boring for people who don't care about my personal emo life here's a pic:
Erm... some violence? Just dead angels and such stuff...Collapse )

Woah woah where did all that time go?!

Holi crap I haven't updated this thing for like 5 months?! Once again I appologise to the 5 people who kinda watch me for being not active. The good news is I'm not dead. Yeah. Kinda. This break means that I can do things like update this thing.

So Update. And KHR art. Of Dino and Hibari. Being gaaaaaaay. After the wall of text of DOOOOOOOM. You have been warned.Collapse )


Oh god. It's OVER. I'm so fucking happy you wouldn't believe it. My god. Now I can do whatever I want. :D

It sucks that I've now gotten an arist's block. WTF brain. D: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???

Okay, I just needed to stop procrastinating. Here's a bit of a fun doodle I did to get my juices flowing again to make this post less pointless:

Just a picture of Edward, nothing unworksafeCollapse )



Four exams down! One more to go!!!!!! Then afterward I will be FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~

Then I'm gonna download a whole crap load of KHR doujins and draw people's prezzies. SOME WHICH I OWE FOR LIKE UHHH.... 2 YEARS? God I am made of fail. D:

Back to studying... STATISTICS I WILL DEFEAT J000000000!!!!!! D:<